G.R.I.P Premium Equipment

Golf Research In Play (G.R.I.P.) identified a "forgotten" market. A market of "middle-of-the-road" golfers who desire innovative, well-constructed clubs that add to the enjoyment of the game, while not breaking the bank.

When facing a purchasing decision, this forgotten market only had access to clubs that were either too expensive or inferior in quality and overall construction.

G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Fairway Woods
Regular Price: $89.95
 Sale Price: $49.99

G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Hybrids
Regular Price: $79.99
 Sale Price: $54.99

G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium Driver (Includes FREE Putter)
Regular Price: $139.95
 Sale Price: $79.99

Heater Plus Driver (Similar to Taylor Burner Driver)
Regular Price: $149.99
 Sale Price: $89.99

SV2 Plus (Similar to Nike Sumo Driver)
Regular Price: $149.99
 Sale Price: $89.99

VS-10 Driver (Similar to Nike Mach Speed Driver)
Regular Price: $149.99
 Sale Price: $89.99

Xpi Square Titanium Driver (Similar to Callaway Square FT-iq)
Regular Price: $149.99
 Sale Price: $89.99

G.R.I.P. OWT Wide Sole Iron Set
Regular Price: $319.99
 Sale Price: $199.99