About Momentus Golf

Jim Sorenson was working as a teaching professional in the early 90's and became frustrated with the lack of progress and improvement his students were making with conventional methods of teaching. He was determined to find a way to help his students make the immediate and long-lasting improvement he knew they were capable of. He tried a number of training aids on the market at the time, but found them to be inadequate.

He was convinced that weight was an important part of changing their poor swinging habits and creating the proper muscle memory for a good swing. He developed the concept for shaft weighting in a golf club training aid that became the first Momentus Swing Trainer. He started using the Momentus with his students and found they made remarkable improvements very quickly. The weight of the shaft forced his students to swing the golf club along the correct swing plane and the added weight of the club developed the proper muscle memory. His students were able to easily take their improved golf swing to the course and found they were shooting lower scores and improving their handicaps.

The Putting Arc - T3
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 Sale Price: $39.99
Momentus Golf Swing Trainer Iron
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Momentus Power Hitter 310
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