Golf Research In Play

G.R.I.P. - The Beginning

Golf Research In Play's (G.R.I.P.) president, Mike Blair, is passionate about delivering a quality product and his favorite sport.

In 2002, his passion for the game, golf industry experience, and analytical mind led him to begin extensively researching the recreational golf market. He examined the recreational golfers' income levels, frequency of play, where they lived, and their golf club wants and needs. He also studied the variety of golf club manufacturers and their vast product offerings.

As a result of his research, Mike identified a “forgotten” market existed. A market of 'middle-of-the-road' golfers who desire innovative, well-constructed clubs that add to the enjoyment of the game, while not breaking the bank. When facing a purchasing decision, this forgotten market only had access to clubs that were either too expensive or inferior in quality and overall construction.

This middle golf market represents a broad spectrum of golfers - golfers with a range of incomes, backgrounds, playing habits, handicaps and ages. The commonality this market shares is their passion for golf and their interest in new and affordable golf clubs, featuring the latest designs and technology. The middle market recreational golfers want to play better golf and have more fun on the golf course as a result of their club purchases. Finally, they are willing to commit financially to their bag but they don't want to spend $200-$400 on one driver or $100 on a single wedge. And, they want to purchase their golf equipment from a trusted source that specializes in the golf market.

G.R.I.P.'s Goals

Responding to the middle market recreational golfers' needs, GRIP set the following goals:

  • Develop and manufacture the highest quality golf clubs, using fundamentally better materials, components, and technologies
  • Design 100 percent original golf clubs that make the game easier and more fun to play
  • Develop a trusted and prestigious brand for customers that delivers a tremendous value
  • Sell the G.R.I.P. golf clubs direct to customers, keeping costs down by eliminating the middle man
  • Offer innovative golf clubs made from superior materials at a fraction of the price of the major golf brands
  • Assure 100 percent satisfaction by allowing customers to return their clubs after 30 days, if they are not completely satisfied
  • Share G.R.I.P.'s success with employees, the community and customers through the development of special programs


Michael Blair, President & CEO
Michael Blair, has established himself as one of the premier golf club developers in the United States. Growing up in Connecticut, amidst a golfing family, Michael's passion for the game truly began as soon as he was able to walk. Guided by his father who was a regional golf pro and founder of Golfers' Warehouse, he literally grew up in the business.

After graduating from the University of Richmond in 1996 with a degree in Business Management, Michael joined the family business, the largest golf retail chain on the East Coast. While at Golfers' Warehouse, he played an integral role in the expansion and development of the retail locations. Specifically, he focused on creating some of the strongest, proprietary golf club brands.

Driven by the recreational golfers' demand for clubs that were innovative but not overpriced, Michael spent six years developing the Pure Golf brand and an umbrella of other brands to complement the retail chain's portfolio. Golfers' Warehouse realized tremendous success with these brands. The brands provided the springboard that the chain needed to expand its business to continue to meet the needs of golfers who were looking for first-rate golf equipment at a cost-effective price.

In 2003, Michael left Golfers' Warehouse to pursue his dream of starting his own independent golf equipment development business. Since the establishment of his own company, he has launched four successful golf brands - G.R.I.P., Wildcard Golf, Swing'em Again Golf, and Linksman Golf. A top golf club designer, known for taking risks by utilizing unique materials and bold designs, Michael co-founded  G.R.I.P. with friend and business partner Rob Blumberg in 2005. G.R.I.P. and Linksman Golf were merged in August of 2008 and Mike assumed the CEO position.

Michael currently resides in Connecticut and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, as well as golfing, skiing and traveling.

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