Linksman Golf Teenager Iron Sets

Teenagers surprisingly do not have a lot of options for purchasing golf clubs that fit them very well. As they are often between a junior set and an adult set. Linksman Golf’s solution is a full line of teenager sets built specifically for this age group using light weight shafts. Our teen sets are the perfect solution for the junior golfers that are between heights 4’ 10” and 5’ 5”. We have two models available for the 11 to 15 year old, the X7 and X9 series. The X7 set features high lofted oversize driver, sleek looking fairway woods, functional hybrids and an almost full iron set accompanied by a mallet putter and a dual strap stand bag. All our junior irons are cast from 431 stainless steel material and have easy to hit oversize heads.

Hybrids as a Long Iron Replacement

Hybrids replace the long irons ensuring the aspiring junior has the easiest clubs to use in his or her bag. Some sets even offer the ability to embroider the golf bag with the juniors name on it. The deluxe X9 set takes all the fine features of the best selling X7 series and includes a few upgrades. All the irons in the X9 sets are a wider sole, almost hybrid design. The larger size forged titanium driver provides the proper feel the pros have during impact by implementing hand-rolled forged titanium material. Two hybrids accompany the X9 set createing a slightly more extensive teen set; 11clubs versus 10 clubs. Either Linksman Golf teen set will help your aspiring junior enjoy the game of golf. Our goal at Linksman Golf is to provide the tools to make the game easier at a good value and the rest is up to you.

Junior Golf Equipment

Linksman Golf offers a complete line of junior golf equipment for children as young as two years up to the teenage years. Selling directly to the consumer via the internet allows us to create a product that is priced aggressively but more importantly incorporates the finest cutting edge technology and quality materials the golf industry has to offer.

Quality and Forgiveness

Quality and forgivenessis our primacy object when designing each set but we feel it’s also import to have an eye for style which is evident in the ability to choose between girls sets, which have pink or lavender colors or a more gender neutral option. Want to personalize your junior set? Linksman golf now offers the ability to embroider most sets with your junior’s name. All out sets are light weight easy to hit and well balanced. Each club head in out sets is oversized and designed to be as forgiving as possible.

Graphite Shafts

Junior graphite shafts are used on each club; our graphite shafts provide a light weight feel and superior balance while maintaining 100% quality and stability. All of our iron heads are cast from a soft 431 stainless steel material the same as the adult heads and incorporate a wider sole technology along with a deep perimeter cavity back allowing each shot to be as forgiving as possible.

Hybrid Clubs for Juniors

Most sets also include a new hybrid club which takes the place of longer irons such as the 4 or 5 irons in the golf bag and are much easier to hit. The driver in the set is oversized and high lofted and can also be utilized as a fairway wood. The Linksman Junior Putter provides a superior alignment and great style at address. Most all our junior sets include a dual strap stand bag that can be carried over both shoulders just like a back pack. At Linksman golf our goal to provide a great set of clubs that give juniors the tools they need to make the game easier and more enjoyable. And the rest is up to you.

If you have any questions contact us via email or toll free at 877-808-9404.