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Just wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I are with our new sets of X9 Senior flex clubs.

I originally ordered one set for my wife, who has always been a very strong golfer. She has recently developed arthritis in her shoulders and hands and found the Callaway Steelhead clubs she was using too heavy. She was just about ready to give up the game. On her very first round with the X9's, she found that she could take a full swing, made great contact, and for the first time in years, wanted to play a second 9! The game was fun again!

She urged me to try the great Titanium oversized driver that came with the set. When I did, the result was quite amazing. On the very first swing, I found the sweet spot and hit a straight, lofted drive, 30 yards further than my normal distance with my Callaway Big Bertha Warbirds. Thinking this had to be a fluke, I used her driver for the rest of the round, and when done, went right to the phone and ordered a set of X9's for myself!!

We are certainly satisfied with the quality, construction and good looks of the set, as well as the way they play! Your customer service has been flawless and friendly also.

You can count on me telling anyone I know about your great company!!

Thank you all!

B. Johnson, Iowa

Back in December 2008 I purchased a set of Ladies Hybrids from you. I only have the 5 Hybrid in my bag now but I use it quite often. Last Tuesday July 21st 2009 I made my first Hole In One using that club! It was at The Oaks Course in The Woodlands, TX hole #6 136 yards!! It was amazing and I just thought you might like to know it was with your club! That club will never leave my bag!! Thanks!!

A. Beck

Just to let you know, I used the X-7 for the first time this week. I have never used a pull or push cart before, always been a shoulder carrier. A recent injury to my rotator cuff made carrying the clubs very difficult. I have played golf since I was 11 years old, playing to a 6 handicap in college and "mid life" and now at 74, it has crept up to a 12, so I have seen many variations of carts. The X-7 is a delight to use. It is well balanced and with the large wheels, very easy to push even on the hilly New Hampshire country side. My golfing buddies all have push cart of various brands and all paid over $200.00 for them. When I told them what I paid for the X-7, they couldn't believe it.

Your communication and shipping time was excellent. The only suggestion I would have is to include better assembly instructions and instructions on how to collapse the cart. Being an old engineer, I had no problem figuring it out, but some of my friends who don't know a wrench from a pair of pliers might.

Sooner or later I may switch to some clubs with senior shafts and if and when I do, I will be sure to visit your site.

Jim L.

THANKS!!!!! I love my new clubs. Marcy and I think his name was Mike helped me choose the right club set which was the teen X7. The really high quality set arrived the next day. I immediatly went to the driving range and WOW what a difference real JR clubs makes. Your set is such high quality and so well made. I hit the ball with loft for the first time. Now i relly love golf even more. Your company knows how to do business; quality, service, price and VALUE! Thank you. My husband is anxiously awaiting our visit to your store in June. thank you.

Michelle H.

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the clubs arrived Saturday morning as promised... She enjoyed playing with the golf clubs this weekend and it has done a lot for her confidence.

Thanks for getting the shipping details corrected, I do apprecieate what you did for us.

Larry V.

... these irons area great! They're better than advertised!

Ken J.

I am so impressed with your customer service! Often times it feels like businesses do not care about their customers, you certainly did not leave me feeling that way! I apprecieate your quick response and resolve!

Tracy M.

I really wanted to say thanks for the clubs that you custom made for me last year. I purchased them in late October and had my first chance to use them last week and all I can say is "WOW!" They helped take 20 strokes off my game!

Thanks again, I would highly recommend you guys to all my friends!


We received the club set for our 6 year old grandaughter. She hit her first balls this past weekend & I think we have created a monster! And that's OK! She'll be so surprised when she comes over this weekend and I just wanted to thank you so much for the quick turnaround time and even more, for the high-class that goes into this set at a very affordable price. They are so precious and to have her name embroidered on the bag just thrills us!

Again, you have brought happiness to (2) grandparents but even more the look on my granddaughters face will be a special moment, Believe me, I will pass this on to all!

Dale P.

Just wanted to let you knowyour customer service is excellent! Thanks for all your help!

Steve G.

I thank you so much for shipping the right-handed clubs quickly. It worked out great and he got to play with them Friday & Saturday. You have been great and I look forward to doing future business with you.
Again, we can't thank you enough for the help with my 4 year old grandson. He loves the clubs, so I hope you are in buinsess for along time!
Have a happy new year!
Randy C.

Just wanted to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The three sets of golf clubs arrived at the various locations in time and in beautifully personalized. You are amazing! I won't ask you how you did it, but simply say Thank you and I'm so glad you did. You will see more business from me in the very near future. Again, thank you and Happy New Year!

Thanks yo so much, Wild Card Golf is one top notch act and I will now do my best to make all my online purchases through you. You guys and gals rock!

Hey Gang,
Thanks so much for bundling my two adams idea Boxer hybrids purchased on eBay AND refunding the 2nd shipping charge. There was no provision for processing the two purchases at once and I was very skeptical that the attached notes would be noticed. I am very pleased and impressed with your service so far. Moves me to want to do more business in the future
Brown M.