Linksman Golf Tips - Building a Golf Swing

Find your center

Today we’re going to build a golf swing for you. Many golf books & magazines relate the golf swing to a wheel and the center or hub of that wheel is like your torso, your upper body. So just like the hub of a wagon wheel that we want to turn correctly without wobbling or without moving, we want our center to turn correctly also. The difference between the hub of the wheel and our torso is that a wheel is vertical and when we get in our posture to hit a golf ball our spine, which is the hub of the wheel is not vertical its tilted.

So here I am I’m going to get into the posture, my golf posture and now I’ve got the hub of the wheel tilted so the wheel is going to be turning like this. For a moment I should say were going to take away the extremities. I’m going to close my arms against my body. Basically be a golfer with no arms and were just going to look at what the center of the swing does.

Backswing, Downswing, Through Swing & Finish

Look down at a golf ball as if you were going to hit the ball and now I’m going to turn around that axis. My spine becomes an axis and I don’t want that axis to change, if it does I’m not going to hit that ball consistently or maybe not at all. There’s the backswing, there’s the down swing to impact this is what we call the through swing and this is the finish. As you can see I’m rotating around my spine up until the point where the ball is gone. Then I start to come up and I finish like this and then up. Ok, so that’s the center of the swing, now we need to add the extremities. So, I’m just going to add my arms as if I’m holding a volley and I’m going to throw it out there.

Create some angles

Now I’m going to add the arms and start creating angles. I’m going to start folding my arms so I get these power angles, leverage we call it. So now I’m turning the hub, the arms are swinging. 1… 2… 1... 2. So again, the more consistent I can rotate the center… and this is what most golfers struggle with… they have trouble staying in their posture. So they stand up and if you stand up you’re going to spray the ball. Now what I’m going to do next is add in a club and I’m going to use a good grip and back to what we said in our section on grip… has to be correct for me to hinge my wrists correctly, and the hinge & re-hinge.

Golf could be an easy game...

If golf was played up here this would be an easy game. This would not be a hard game if we played golf up here, nobody would have to bend over and nobody would be concerned about standing up but that’s not golf it’s played down there. So what I’m going to do now is get in my posture create the tilt of the hub of the wheel lower the club to the ground and now I’m going to swing like I did only now I have a hinge working and a weighted stick at the end of my hands and that is going to create e the speed.

Again, it’s under & up. Here my backswing just like when I held of myself get in the same position only now my hands swing down from my right shoulder. This is what’s so important, to stay down and through the shot. And then come up. Now we put a ball in the way. Look at my target, aim myself, getting in my posture and now I try to let all those parts work together and I swing.

Practice, practice, practice...

So you ought to try this, this is a great little way to get that feeling for putting it all together. You tilt; get your arms out of the picture. You tilt, get your arms out of the picture, and turn under and up. Attach the arms. Attach a club and get the wrist and hinge working and you’ll find that your balance in much better and your swing will come together.