Linksman Golf Tips - The Proper Golf Grip

The 1st thing we have to do when learning the game of golf is learning how to hold and grip the club correctly. It’s the most important thing you’ll learn in your development of your golf game is to learn how to hold the club correctly.

The importance of hand position

So, I have a golf glove on and I’ve draw two lines on it to indicate where I want the handle of the club to lie in my hand. You can see that it goes from just below the first joint of my index finger to the base of the little finger. If you squeeze at the base of the little finger you’ll notice a bone there, and the club should be just above that bone but not up in the middle of the palm.

So if I put my hand out you can see the lines, I’m going to lay the club across my palm across my hand. The base of the fingers and about a ½ inch of the butt end of the club will extend past the end of my hand. And then curl your hand a round and grab firmly with your fingers. If we put the club in front of us down towards the ground you will notice that my thumb is slightly to the right of center. Here’s the logo on my grip that’s the center, that’s 12 o’clock. I want my thumb to be slightly to the right. I’ve draw an arrow on my glove here and you’ll notice that that arrow points to my right shoulder.

Develop a strong grip

Now this is what’s difficult for people, I encourage people to have a grip that rotates this way and get the thumb as much to the side of the shaft as u can get it. We call that a “strong grip” in golf. You don’t want to be holding a golf club like that in your left hand

The right hand will shape with the fingers up toward the sky. I usually like to have people grip with the right hand with the club here. You can do it both ways, left hand up like this and bring the right hand in. The thumb of the left hand should fit right underneath the thumb pad of the right hand. So that thumb pad fits right over that thumb, you’ll notice my fingers are pointing up towards the sky and then I’m just going to curl my fingers around and I’m going to shape my right hand as if I’m holding something soft & delicate, just gently pinching with these two fingers here. There will not be a gap here. This will squeeze together the palm should be facing the target, not the ground, not the sky; it should be facing the target. That s going to help you to square the club face when it comes into impact.

Now the reason we have to hold the club correctly with our hands is because when we swing a golf club our wrists are the transfer point of the power in the swing and our wrists become a rotating hinge that allows the club which is really just a stick with a weight on the end of it. Allows this club to swing and build up energy and momentum and allows the club to move faster using a mechanical advantage. Now I can do that with either hand but in either case my wrists’ have to become a hinge.

If I hold the club correctly in both hands what happens is my left wrist will cock, it will be pretty flat right here and my right wrist will hinge. That creates the angle, this “L” as we call it. That creates the leverage that creates the buildup of energy at the end of the club and allows it to move fast.

Now, what happens if I hold it in my palm and try to cock my wrist? I can’t, so I don’t get a full hinging of the wrists and as a result my swing is going to be weak and ineffective.

So again, whether you’re a new golfer of a golfer who’s played for a long time that suspects that you’re not holding a club correctly based on what you’ve seen here, find yourself a pro who can help you to learn how to hold the club correctly and it will make a huge difference in the way you swing a golf club and the way you play the game. It’s the most important fundamental basic building block of the golf swing that you going to have. There a lot of other parts to the swing but if you’re not holding the club correctly you can’t transfer energy from the center of your swing which is your body ,to your hands through your hand s and wrists and then into the club.