Linksman Golf – Proper Posture for the Golf Swing

Now a good drill that your can do to teach yourself what good posture feels like. I’ve heard Tiger Woods say is that he works on his posture every single day. Now here is the best player in the world and he works on a basic simple fundamental such as posture every day. I work on it every day myself because I find that over time, we get slouchy and we lose our feel for what a good posture is.

Practice the Posture Drill Often

So I like to do this drill a lot. I take the club, stand straight up, put the club in my hands, and lower my arms and club until my upper arms connect with my chest as you can see here. The butt of the club will point at your waistline. The triangle of your arms will be in front of you. I’m going to give my knees a little bit of a bend and then I’m going to tilt from the hips and try to keep my spine as straight as I can and when the club hits the ground I’m done. That’s a pretty good posture for hitting a ball that is on the ground.

Keep back as straight as possible.

Do not round your back or get too deep in the knees. You only want your knees to be flexed just enough to keep your legs active and springy. Now this is the shortest club in the bag, the Sand Wedge and this is the longest, the Driver. Now you’ll notice when I do the drill with the driver the angles are different, that tells me I have to tilt more with the Sand Wedge than I do with the driver. If the driver was 20 feet long I might not have to tilt at all.

So don’t worry about that. It will change with every club slightly. Just know that if you do the posture drill correctly you’ll start to understand what good posture feels like.