Linksman Golf – Proper Alignment

Alignment seems to be an easy thing but a lot of people seem to struggle with aiming the club correctly. I think that’s true because of the shape of the club faces. Because of the way the club head is shaped it has rounded parts to it its difficult for people sometimes visually to set the club down square to the target link. They generally react to the top line more than the bottom line. So again we want to square up the bottom line the leading edge to the target line, set it square and then set ourselves parallel to the target line.

Many manufactures now a paint one, two or even three of the bottom groves to give people a guide or sight line so they have a better sense of where they are aiming the club. Because this particular club does not have straight line on it but the groves are straight. So if I have straight lines painted on the groves then I have a much better chance of properly aligning my club to the target.

So if I take those straight lines and I set them down on the ground and square them up then I should have my club square when I start my swing. Where or not the club is square at impact in another story.

Now I’ve got some alignment aids here and it’s always important to have alignment aids. Tour players use them all the time. Believe me a tour player does not want to hit a perfect golf shot and miss the green because they were not aimed correctly. So they work incessantly on their alignment and aim.

So, I have a two by four here and a second line which is going to be my toe line or my foot line. The 2x4 is my target line. Now what I do and what you’ll see most players do is stand behind the ball and unusually put their hands on the club, now they’re seeing the line. Then I’ll walk in and look at the bottom edge of my club and put it down perfectly square to the target line 2x4. Then give in a couple of sights then I’m going to set my feet. Most tour players do not set their feet before they aim the club and this is true of putting as well. You want to aim the club then set the feet and as you can see my body lines are parallel to the target line. What we call “parallel left”. Parallel lines never meet they go to infinity.

So now my toe line is here and my target line is there now, depending on how people aim is how they’re going to swing. Some people aim to the left because their ball curves to the right, its just a compensation that they naturally incorporate when playing golf, it’s how you survive. If people curve the ball to the left they will aim more to the right. How do you know you’re doing that? Well someone usually tells you it’s either a friend or a teaching pro. Then you have get into wanting to know if you’re aimed correctly. You go to the driving range and lay down some clubs and see where the ball is going in relation to where you know you’re aiming and then start making corrections in your swing to take care of any curvature of the golf ball.

So alignment is very import because you need to know that you’re aligned correctly to react to the ball flight. These are just two examples of alignment aids. You can use sticks or clubs. Whatever you use, just make sure the target line is correct and the toe line is parallel to that.